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ProfilGate® in the k-version

The ProfilGate® system with grates made of synthetic material.

  • Published: 24.04.2019
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Today we would like to introduce a variant of ProfilGate® that may not yet be very well known - the ‚k series’. The 'k' here stands for the German word ‘Kunststoff’, which means ‘synthetic material’, because the grates are made of this type of material. They are very suitable for small rolls because they have particularly fine meshes. They also have a smooth surface which reduces vibrations when you drive over them. They are therefore very suitable for sensitive products (e.g. microchips) that should not be moved too much.

But the k series is also a great option for food companies because the synthetic material is food safe and allows for an easy daily cleaning routine thanks to the lightweight structure.

The ProfilGate® k series!

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Frau, Susanne Dolassek, Food, Beverage

Susanne Dolassek

Team Lead Germany - Specialist Food & Beverage

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