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Clean catering

Kinder-Cater GmbH from Bergheim-Niederaußem took the opportunity to restructure and improve its hygiene measures in its new building.

  • Published: 03.03.2017
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Kinder-Cater GmbH prepares about 4,000 meals a day. The company specialises in out-of-home catering for children and teenagers. It supplies several kindergartens and schools in the greater Cologne area with self-prepared meals. In 2016, a solution to improve hygiene standards was sought for the new construction of the company's own building. Owner and managing partner Petra Gobelius decided to install the ProfilGate® cleaning fields in the aqua version, which were put into operation in January 2017.

The results: A thorough and efficient solution for cleaning and disinfecting soles and rollers, which can be carried out without additional effort. Due to the purely mechanical mode of operation, the susceptibility to faults is minimal.


  •  Hygiene measures are very costly
  • Hygiene regulations are constantly increasing
  • Danger of slipping due to disinfection liquid from existing solutions


    • Installation of three ProfilGate® aqua cleaning fields


    • Cleaning and disinfection of soles and rollers of hand trolleys directly at the entrances
    • Reduced effort and increased reliability in enforcing applicable hygiene regulations
      Goods delivery, goods receiving, cleaning field Industry

        In 2016 Kinder Cater GmbH from Bergheim-Niederaussem planned a new company building. As a processor of fresh food, the priority was to ensure that hygiene measures were reliable and easy to comply with. In addition, the company wanted to be well prepared for the future, because the requirements with regard to hygiene standards and product safety are constantly increasing. One reason for this is ever stricter laws and regulations for internal and external controls. But the risk of losing one's good reputation through negative headlines has also grown for companies. Because news about inadequate hygiene or germs in food that pose a health hazard spread rapidly, especially via the social media - even if only half of the information is correct or not.

      However, technical devices and other preventive hygiene measures often complicate processes in companies. For example, a lock with a turnstile hinders the transport of larger objects or the passage of trolleys. Hygiene measures are also often associated with a significant additional expense for employees and demand 100% reliability from them. The washbasin for disinfecting the hands is located several metres away from the actual access to the processing area. Or the machine for cleaning the soles of shoes must be put into operation separately by each user. Sometimes there is also a risk of slipping due to cleaning and disinfecting liquid from taps, hoses or basins under doormats.

      The suitable solution for Kinder-Cater GmbH was the ProfilGate® sole and tire cleaning system in the aqua version. These are cleaning fields consisting of stainless steel trays with grates and brush strips clamped in them. The trays can be filled with their own cleaning or disinfection solutions depending on requirements. The system is permanently installed in entrance areas.

      Personnel entrance, personnel sluice, sole cleaning, cleaning field

      Petra Gobelius, owner and managing partner of the company, deliberately opted for this variant because it works thoroughly and efficiently and guarantees reliable hygiene in everyday life without a great deal of extra time. She was accompanied by Petra Köllen, the district veterinarian in the Rhein-Erft district, who is also always interested in innovative technologies.

      They selected three suitable areas where the fields were installed, two larger ones at the entrances for the delivery of goods and for the return of the transport boxes and a smaller field at the personnel entrance to the kitchen.

      Since moving into the new building in January 2017, all employees and trolleys used for deliveries now have to pass through the fields at the corresponding entrances.

      "It's like entering a department store from a doormat or driving a car over it."

      • Petra Gobelius
      • Owner & Managing partner of Kinder-Cater GmbH

      The employees also clean and disinfect their hands at washbasins.
      Previously, the employees had to actively wash and disinfect the soles of their shoes with conventional wall-holding devices. The trolleys were cleaned in a separate washroom.
      The new solution with the ProfilGate® cleaning fields reliably ensures perfect hygienic conditions. They work without employees having to walk through a sluice, for example, or have to think about cleaning the soles of shoes and wheels of trolleys.

      "Cleaning and disinfection run practically side-by-side in the background, without influencing movement or work processes."

      • Petra Gobelius
      • Owner & Managing partner of Kinder-Cater GmbH

      Another advantage is that the solution does not require electrical equipment or electricity. This reduces the susceptibility to interference enormously. Petra Köllen also sees this aspect and the low level of maintenance as a special advantage of the system, as she has often experienced that electrically operated hygiene airlocks do not function temporarily. She also sees a specific advantage in the good integration of the cleaning fields into the daily processes.

      "You can't walk past them, there's no extra work or detours for personnel and goods."

      • Petra Köllen
      • District Veterinarian in the Rhine-Erft District

      The cleaning of the fields by the employees is also easy to manage. The employees, who arrive first in the morning, fill the fields with fresh cleaning solution. The employees who leave last in the evening drain the liquid and clean the steel trays and grates with the brushes.

      Once a week, the grates and brushes are cleaned more thoroughly in the washroom. All employees were able to carry out these tasks without any problems after a one-off briefing. The cleaning solution no longer has to be mixed on site, as a ready-to-use solution is provided by the supplier Witty.

      A small challenge was the installation of the system. The trays had to fit exactly to the floor and the connections had to be laid correctly so that everything worked perfectly. However, HEUTE Maschinenfabrik, as the manufacturer, was able to provide good support here because they are happy to recommend competent companies that already have experience with the installation of the cleaning system. 

      ProfilGate® Sauberfahrzone / Sauberlafufzone in Warenannahme.

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