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Interference sources of an AGV

Numerous impairments can occur with an automated guided vehicle - Profilgate® is an ideal solution to prevent them.

  • Published: 31.08.2020
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Interference sources of an AGV

FTS fährt in Halle

One of the main sources of malfunction of driverless transport systems during operation concerns the vehicle itself, because a dirty camera or a contamination of the laser scanner can have fatal consequences. If the AGV stops and a malfunction occurs, a quick manual response is required. As soon as material is not delivered to the right station on time, not only is there a delay in the operating process, but significant economic damage can also result.

Likewise, contamination of the guideline, which often occurs due to a different forklift operation, often leads to faster wear and tear. The wear of the rollers increases significantly because the same lane is always used - especially in curves and in the shunting area. As a result, additional punctual damage to the hall floor occurs. Increased cleaning costs and possible contamination of products is the result.

The Profilgate® cleaning system, which can be integrated exactly in this environment, ensures lower cleaning costs, gentle guidelines, less roller abrasion and wear and hardly any dirt in the production and storage environment!

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