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Our partner David Wong from FMCG Industry Solutions Pty Ltd

Get to know our sales partner for Australia!

  • Published: 28.10.2019
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What have you done before selling ProfilGate®?

I was the Technical Manager and Corporate Microbiologist for the Dairy Farmers Group – now Lion Dairy and Drink.

Why did you choose this profession?

I enjoyed the technical aspect within a food manufacturing environment.

Our sales partner David Wong.

What do you enjoy most about selling ProfilGate®?

It’s unique and offers a simple solution to an old problem.

Since when are you a sales partner for ProfilGate®?

We started selling Heute products in 2010 and Profilgate in 2011. Our first major customer was Pfizer in 2012.

How did you get to know about ProfilGate®?

Through Philipp Naumann [Head of Export] I got to know the system.

What is fascinating / exciting about your country?

We are so far from the rest of the world but always welcome new technologies and Profilgate is an exciting product.

Who is your favourite customer?

The Mars group – We started with a major sale to Wrigley’s who merged with MARS a few years later. The Mars family visited Australia and saw the product in the Wrigley’s plant and loved the products so much they endorsed it. So rather than convince the site managers, the family are pushing it. We now have four Mars fitted with ProfilGate®.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in selling ProfilGate® in the future?

1. The price is very expensive as it looks simple in design. In addition, there is installation costs which cost more than the product itself. Labour is expensive in Australia. We always sell the benefit.

2. Finding time to install the product without disruption to production schedule. Most factories operated 24 hours per day so we aim for weekends with public holiday as it takes 3 days.

3. The lead time. Orders takes between 10 – 12 weeks for the item to arrive and many customers want the product in 1 week. Therefor we need to stock the items.

Your best anecdote from your working life:

Spend a day doing not thinking about work.

Anything else you would like to tell us:

The distributor sales meeting is the best way to understand how the product is sold globally.

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David Wong

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