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How is the field size of a cleaning field calculated?

Is there a rule of thumb for calculating the field size in order to obtain the optimum cleaning effect?

  • Published: 03.01.2019
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For optimum cleaning, the length of the ProfilGate® field should be approximately three to four times the circumference of the tire to be cleaned.

For the cleaning of shoe soles, each foot should have at least four to six contacts with the cleaning field with a normal stride length, which corresponds to a field length of approx. 3 m.

The width depends on the internal driveways and door widths. These should be selected to suit the installation location so that the vehicles cannot drive past the field. If necessary, bollards can also be used for this purpose.
Divided fields
, e.g. at gate entrances, are also possible.

Cleaning fields in various sizes and environments.

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