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The face of ProfilGate® in South Africa

This map shows the location of our partner in South Africa. Learn more about our cooperation in our article.

  • Published: 25.11.2020
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Karte Südafrika mit Exportpartner und Büro

See that little spot? That is where our export partner Luttig van den Heever from P.A. Cuthbert is located: Gauteng, South Africa – close to Johannesburg.

Our collaboration started in 2014 and has been growing ever since. Thanks to their strong marketing activities, Cuthbert managed to create awareness for ProfilGate® in South Africa and adjacent markets.

„I have worked with Philipp Naumann in the beginning and the last year with Philipp Teichmann – they have both been of great help and I truly like working with them. Always ready with a quick response, images or presentations to help me out.“ Luttig lets us know.

Almost 75 years of experience in the field as an accredited equipment manufacturer for stainless steel that specializes in custom built processing and packaging equipment for the pharma, food, confectionery and cosmetic industries. Around ProfilGate®, Cuthbert groups a range of products with the main target to get quality equipment into South Africa.

The company’s aim is to stay „at the forefront in driving the need to keep manufacturing facilities clean from the inside and to make cleanliness a very important point in any facility.“ Luttig tells us.

At P.A. Cuthbert they also have an active test field for ProfilGate® as well and they hope „to get the rest of Southern Africa's facilities to install the world renowned ProfilGate® to get our facilities to conform to international standards.“ Luttig explains.

We, at the headquarter in Solingen, will do everything possible to realize this project with you and we thank you very much for your collaboration!

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