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Innovation for efficient cleaning of AGVs

Our new model xs cleans narrow AGV rollers for smooth running and low vibration transport.

  • Published: 02.03.2022
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Industry 4.0 relies on automation. We go along.

The use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) requires safe operation because malfunctions in the system lead to downtime, which in turn has a negative impact on the entire operational process. The right control system, regular maintenance, but also a clean track area and thus an undamaged hall floor ensure the smooth operation of the vehicles. We have made the latter our task.

Our goal was to develop a model that 

  • can be integrated into existing transport routes
  • is suitable for any navigation method and
  • cleans the rollers reliably.

This has resulted in the new xs series - a clean driving zone especially for very narrow rollers of AGVs. The brush grate is particularly close-meshed, so that the surface is as smooth as possible and the AGV rollers have maximum contact. This ensures a smooth and low-vibration crossing. On one hand, this is important to protect vibration-sensitive goods such as microchips, and on the other hand, to ensure that vehicles can orient themselves without interference. The rollers are cleaned purely mechanically during the crossing - no intermediate stop is required!

The model is suitable for vehicles with a maximum weight of 40 t and is available in two versions: 

  • Model xs55 with dirt collection reservoir of 10mm for up to 100 passes per day.
  • Model xs65 with a larger dirt collection reservoir of 20 mm for more than 100 passes per day. 

Installing the new ProfilGate® system in the production and warehouse environment reduces dirt carryover, decreases roller abrasion and floor wear while saving follow-up costs. For more information about this or our other models, please visit the product pages.

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