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Spring cleaning - also for ProfilGate®

Always remember to clean regularly!

  • Published: 20.04.2019
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Cleaning field, dirt trap, contamination

In Germany, many people traditionally do a basic cleaning of their flat or house, around the beginning of spring, the spring cleaning. Our ProfilGate® cleaning system also needs to be cleaned regularly so that it can provide consistent cleaning performance over a long period of time. Once a year is definitely not enough. The amount of dirt that is collected in the trays varies according to use and duration, so you always have to keep an eye on when the next cleaning should take place. Depending on the frequency, this can take several weeks or months.

To clean ProfilGate®, the gratings with the brush strips must be lifted out of the trays. We provide various tools for this purpose. You can either use a lifting hook or a lifter. The advantage of the lifter is that it is more back-friendly and only one person is needed for this procedure. The dirt can then be vacuumed or shovelled out of the open tray. Once the grate has been replaced, the system is ready for use as before.

Cleaning field, vacuuming, cleaning, dirt trap, contamination

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