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Subsequent installation of ProfilGate®?

Is the ProfilGate® cleaning system only possible for new buildings or can it be retrofitted? 

  • Published: 28.06.2019
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ProfilGate® can be installed in both new and existing buildings.

We generally recommend the installation of ProfilGate® cleaning fields at ground level. Here, no additional space is required for up and down ramps and the field can be accessed from all sides without the risk of accidents. Another advantage is that the dirt automatically collects at the lowest point, i.e. in the ProfilGate® field. In addition, there are no new corners or edges that could lead to new dirt accumulations.

The following series of picturesand the video illustrate the installation in an existing building:

Installation of a ProfilGate® cleaning field in the existing building.

If there is a lack of depth for ground-level installation, an above-ground variant is possible. For example, a ramp is cast from epoxy resin.

Cleaning system industry, cleaning field, above ground, epoxy resin, epoxy ramp

Fixed ramps can also be used, as illustrated in the following gallery.

Construction of a ProfilGate® cleaning field above ground with ramps.

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