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Tire cleaning in a ramp

We present the advantages of this installation site for the ProfilGate® tire and sole cleaning system.

  • Published: 28.11.2019
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For all those who have little space but still want to remove dirt from the tires of their material handling devices, ProfilGate® can be installed in a ramp or driveway. This variant is extremely space-saving and has the additional advantage that the field cannot be bypassed. Whether your employees use the driveway on foot, with a small lift truck or with a forklift weighing tons, the system works for all running surfaces. The cleaning process is purely mechanical and starts as soon as a vehicle or a person enters the clean running zone. The brush strips are preloaded and therefore vibrate under load. Due to the inclined bristles, this vibration ensures that the brushes actively move past tires, rollers and soles and brush down the dirt. The dirt then falls through the grates into the trays installed underneath and is collected at this point. A later removal can easily be done with a vacuum cleaner or hand brush.

A big advantage of the installation in a ramp for the general work safety is the reduced danger of slipping. For example, one of our customers had a problem with oil and dust getting from the floor to the soles of employees' shoes. When they passed an inclined ramp made of tread plate, they often slipped. The ProfilGate® cleaning field in the ramp not only fought the problem but also the cause. On the one hand, the new underground provided greater stability on the ramp itself, making it easier to walk up and down. On the other hand, large parts of oil and dust were removed by the cleaning of the brushes so that they could no longer be distributed unhindered throughout the entire plant.

Below are some installation examples:

ProfilGate® tire cleaning fields in a driveway or ramp.

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