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Need a special solution?

Take a look at ProfilGate in a rather unusual environment and benefit from our customer's feedback.

  • Published: 17.09.2020
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Need a special solution?

Rollwagen auf ProfilGate Reinigungsfeld

For some it is a foreign word, for others it is firmly anchored in everyday language: the bupi-cleaner. A cleaning system for small crates, standardized lattice boxes, Euro pallets and much more.

To ensure that the transport trolleys for these crates etc. are cleaned of dirt particles before they are sent to the cleaning system for further use, the ProfilGate® cleaning fields help to keep the trolley rollers dust-free. ProfilGate® was installed in 2019 at our customer BECOM Electronics GmbH directly on two sides of the bupi-cleaner, so that the trolleys can take no other route than to roll over ProfilGate®.

Since then, the customer has been able to report and benefit from noticeable differences: "Since we installed ProfilGate®, the entry of dirt and moisture into the storage areas has been significantly reduced. The post-cleaning effort could thus be reduced almost to the level of normal maintenance cleaning. After about one meter on our epoxy floor, the moisture is gone and the barely noticeable film on the floor from the rollers is also dried in two minutes. “

The products and developments of BECOM Electronics GmbH as EMS service provider and electronics manufacturer are used in areas such as automotive, building services engineering, medicine and industry. Innovative time-of-flight cameras from BECOM Systems are used for people registration or in security systems. For more information please visit


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