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Tetra Pak® collects about 10 liters of dirt in one month!

Tetra Pak relies on ProfilGate cleaning system to minimize dirt caused by forklift trucks.

  • Published: 22.10.2021
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Tetra Pak specializes in complete solutions for processing, packaging and distributing food products. The company's promise PROTECTS WHAT‘S GOOD™ is in line with its vision of making food safe and available everywhere. Tetra Pak now employs around 25,000 people worldwide. 

Carton packaging for liquid food products is produced at the Limburg site in Germany. The company is certified according to BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety - and must meet the highest food safety requirements. When looking for a way to reduce dirt already in the warehouse, they came across ProfilGate. These special grates equipped with brushes are placed in the collecting tray which is laid into  the floor. When driving over the field, the dirt is brushed off, collected in trays and can easily be  swept or vacuumed out after lifting the grates. 

ProfilGate has already been in use at Tetra Pak Limburg since 2015. This installation took place in the warehouse entrance in front of an inner gate. With around 240 daily passes by large and small forklifts as well as e-pallet trucks, the cleaning field is used intensively. 

Cleaning of the field takes place weekly. At the beginning of this year, Tetra Pak collected the dirt from the stainless steel trays over a period of twelve weeks and came up with an impressive 27.5 liters. On a monthly basis, this means that around 10 liters of dirt can be collected before it enters the warehouse. 

"Major soiling caused by forklift tires has since become a thing of the past!"

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