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Our partner Clive Matkin from Unisan

Get to know our sales partner for Great Britain and Ireland!

  • Published: 29.08.2019
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What have you done before selling ProfilGate®?

mr, Clive Matkin, Unisan
  • Started as an engineer – precision tool maker and work study engineer (time & motion)
  • 20 years in corporate IT (computer manufacturers) which included:
    • Sales Director – Acer Computers UK & Ireland
    • Managing Director – Cabletron Systems UK & Ireland
    • Managing Director – NEC Computers UK & Ireland
  • 16 years entrepreneurial business owner – consultancy, recruitment, go-kart operation, bar & restaurant

Why did you choose this profession?

In order to have the ability to apply my wide range of skills with a consultative approach but at the same time simplifying complexity!

What do you enjoy most about selling ProfilGate®?

  • Unique product and I am the only person selling ProfilGate in the UK!
  • I love the fact that it is not an easy sell; the projects are long and at times complex and they require focussed pipeline management
  • I really enjoy unearthing the real pain point of a prospective customer. For example, they customarily say “I have dirty floors” but when I start digging deep and ask which impact the dirt has, it is great to identify major business consequences. These comprise for example dirt and dust results in reworks or scrappage, wet floors, which have caused a near miss slip, or the employment of four people who only clean the floors as a full time job! All this adds up to an operational cost which supports the real need for ProfilGate®. It is not just nice to have but serves a real purpose.

Since when are you a sales partner for ProfilGate®?

I started selling ProfilGate 3/1/2017.

How did you get to know about ProfilGate®?

Unisan wanted a person to sell industrial capital equipment and I wanted a new venture – for me it’s all about the sales process!

What is fascinating / exciting about your country?

The UK has one of the most interesting history timelines, a relatively small island in the sea that has laid a big footprint on the world's history and it was an English man that invented the single biggest expansion of the world’s knowledge – the internet!

Who is your favourite customer?

I can’t say I have a specific customer by name but as I have very high levels of integrity I find customers who value and relies on my advice & integrity very quickly become a close customer – I am pleased to say I have many close relationships with good people in most of my customers.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in selling ProfilGate® in the future?

  • The biggest challenge will always be making people aware that such a unique solution exists and how it can benefit their operation and deliver proven results.
  • The next phase of the challenge will also be about the environment/climate change. Organisations need to be educated that a 100% mechanical system is far more environmentally friendly than using electric boot scrubbers or powered floor cleaners!

A 100% mechanical system is far more environmentally friendly than using electric boot scrubbers or powered floor cleaners!

  • Clive Matkin
  • Unisan

Your best anecdote from your working life:

  • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!
  • You’re only ever as good as your last picture.
  • Nothing happens until someone sells something.

Anything else you would like to tell us:

  • I played Water Polo for 25 years and now try to play golf.
  • Happily married with 6 children and 6 grandchildren.
  • It worries me what state the world will be left in by this generation for future generations!

    Clive Matkin at the Sales Meeting 2018 in Solingen.

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    Clive Matkin

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