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Our partner Lincoln Field from Hygiene Technologies Ltd.

Get to know our sales partner for New Zealand!

  • Published: 19.05.2020
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What have you done before selling ProfilGate®?

I was selling cleaning and hygiene products to food factories.

Our distribution partner Lincoln Field.

What do you enjoy most about selling ProfilGate®?

I enjoy most, providing a unique solution that no one else can offer.

Since when are you a sales partner for ProfilGate®?

Lincoln Field, Hygiene Technologies Ltd.

Since Hygiene Technologies Ltd. took on the agency 3-4 years.

How did you get to know about ProfilGate®?

I got an introduction from our Sales Manager.

What is fascinating / exciting about your country?

Everything! Outdoors, mountains, coastal activities, Major Dairy exporter of unique value added products, the people.

Who is your favourite customer?

Hard to say – most likely a few Dairy industry producers both local and export.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in selling ProfilGate® in the future?

I am unsure in New Zealand as it is only gaining stronger interest. 

Cleaning the grates perhaps – as people are lazy and expect to leave and forget. 

Your best anecdote from your working life:

You have to be willing sometimes to listen to some remarkably bad opinions. How you react and respond determines whether you will ever get anything out of that person again. 

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Mr Lincoln Field, distribution partner, New Zealand

Lincoln Field

Hygiene Technologies Ltd

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