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Meet the newest face of the HEUTE Inc. Team – Bryan Kelley

  • Published: 10.11.2021
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Since mid of October the HEUTE Inc. Team has a new member. Bryan Kelley will be from now on responsible for our clients on the east coast. We had the time to do a little interview with him to learn more about him, enjoy!

HEUTE: Bryan, please Introduce yourself.

BK: My name is Bryan Kelley. I am 43 years old and I am from Springboro, Ohio.


HEUTE: What have been your professions, before coming to HEUTE?

BK: After finishing college I started my career at Honda Engineering where I worked as a process engineer. Afterwards I joined my Grandpa’s company for a few years. Then I worked for a sales engineer for Knight Ergonomics. A couple years later I worked for Advics North America in the automotive supplier industry, I was a program manager and managed the customer packaging.

HEUTE: How did you become a member of the ProfilGate® Team?

BK: I met Bernd Hess, the CEO of the HEUTE Inc., about 5 years ago on LinkedIN. About 6 Months ago Bernd posted that he was looking for someone to join and enforce the ProfilGate® Team in North America. I loved the idea behind ProfilGate® and the offer sounded like a fun opportunity. After a couple of meetings and discussions with Bernd we decided to join and to continue to introduce ProfilGate® to the US companies.


HEUTE: That was a lot about work. What are your hobbies and interest when you are not working?

BK: My main hobbies are usually revolved around my kids sports and activities. I have coached my kids in Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse. I also love to work out and do Crossfit a few days a week. I also enjoy doing projects around the house building things and making improvements.

HEUTE: You mentioned your Kids, so you are a passionate father and husband?

BK: Yes! I met my wife Megan in college at Ohio Northern University. She works in the medical field and is a get mother to our two kids. We have a son who is in 6th grade and plays football and lacrosse. Our daughter is in 5th grade and plays tennis and lacrosse. They both do really well in school and sports and we are very proud of them.


HEUTE: Let’s come back to business. What do you like the most about your new job?

BK: I love the product and what it can do for a facility. Keeping facilities clean is very important for many different reason’s and it is fun to be able to introduce a product many people have never seen or thought about before. I really like meeting new people, getting the chance to visit many different kinds manufacturing facilities, and helping to solve a problem.

HEUTE: What is your motto when it comes to work and private life?

BK: I just like to work hard and play hard, a good balance between work and private life is the key to satisfaction.


HEUTE: Thanks, Bryan. Great to have you on board. I am sure you will do a great job!

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Bryan Kelley

Project Manager North America

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