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When innovation meets innovation

How the ProfilGate® tire cleaning system and the BECOSAN® concrete floor preparation system complement each other to meet the highest standards of industrial cleanliness.

  • Published: 06.11.2019
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The problem

The floors of industrial halls are permanently exposed to high loads. Logistics areas, such as warehouses, are in constant operation. Goods are delivered, transported within the warehouse and lifted out again after storage. Depending on the type of product and the size of the warehouse, various industrial trucks are used for this purpose. Fork-lift trucks, for example, usually transport pallets with lifting loads of more than one tonne. Lower loads are moved using hand pallet trucks or AGVs.

Production areas are also highly frequented, whether by industrial trucks or employees. Everyday all kind of material handling devices cross the floor, this results in high wear and abrasion of the surfaces. Every tire of a forklift truck, every roller of an AGV and every sole of a work shoe carries dust, moisture and other types of dirt in and through industrial buildings. This makes the floors suffer even more so they have to be kept in good condition by constant cleaning procedures.

For some industries the aspect of cleanliness is particularly important. In the automotive and automotive supplier industry, for example, great importance is attached to technical cleanliness in order to protect components and products. In the packaging, cosmetics and food industries there are various certifications, from BRC to IFS, which specify which standards internal cleanliness and hygiene must meet. This ultimately ensures product quality to protect the consumer’s health.

The condition and cleanliness of the floors play an important role in this context. If a floor is damaged, accidents at work are more likely. In addition, production residues, chemicals and other contaminants can penetrate the concrete and cause damage. Damaged hall floors cause further mineral abrasion and thus more dust in the hall.

Two systems for a brilliant solution

BECOSAN® is recommended to make your industrial floor more resistant. It is a complete system for the refurbishment of concrete floors. It can be used on both new and existing concrete floors. The floor is ground and polished according to the patented BECOSAN® polishing system. The floor is then treated with BECOSAN® Densifier concrete hardener. This penetrates deeply into the concrete and binds free lime particles. This makes the surface more compact and dense, which protects against scratches and dirt. The finished surface is then sealed with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer. It is based on nanotechnology, which ensures that the product penetrates deep into the concrete pores and thus protects the floor from oils, grease and chemicals.

ProfilGate® cleaning field at hall entrance to industrial hall with BECOSAN® refurbishment.

After these measures your industrial floor is provided with a hard, dust-free and shiny surface. To prevent this from being contaminated by the ingress of dirt, ProfilGate® is recommended as the second component for perfect cleanliness in industry. Whether abrasion-resistant or polished, every floor surface is only smooth as long as it is clean. The particles and small stones that are introducedby tires, rollers and wheels inevitably scratch the surface and cause damage to it. Conclusion: Dirt from other interior and exterior areas must not be allowed to enter at all!

ProfilGate® is a cleaning system that is ideally installed in access and transition areas. It consists of collection trays that are recessed into the floor. Grates with brush strips are laid into the trays. The patented brush strips ensure effective cleaning. They are pre-stressed and have diagonal bristles. When they are driven over by an industrial truck or passed over by an employee, the pre-tensioning and inclination of the bristles ensure that they actively brush off the dirt from the treads of the tires, wheels, rollers and soles. Dirt and debris fall through the grates into the collection trays instead of contaminating the surface.

Cleaning area, Forklift, External access

BECOSAN® and ProfilGate® fight the problem of industrial contamination from two directions. By using ProfilGate® less dust and dirt is brought into the industrial halls and with the BECOSAN® treatment less dust is released by the floor itself and the existing dust no longer adheres to the floor. In addition, ProfilGate® ensures that hardly any moisture from outside reaches the warehouse and production areas. Should moisture occur during production, BECOSAN® ensures that it can only penetrate the soil to a small extent and that chemicals, for example, find less surface to attack. What both systems have in common is that they drastically reduce maintenance and cleaning costs and thus contribute to a significantly reduction in operating costs in the long term.

Tire cleaning, roller cleaning, pallet truck

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