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What is the maximum load?

What is the maximum load the ProfilGate® cleaning fields can withstand?

  • Published: 14.02.2019
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The maximum load depends on the model selected.

The b65 and st65 models can withstand the maximum load of 40 t permissible vehicle weight.

The models b55, st55, b65go, b55go, st65go and st55 go are designed for 30 t maximum weight.

Sole cleaning, shoe cleaning, work shoe, clean running zone
roller cleaning, tire cleaning, stainless steel, gratings

The load of 20 t is possible with almost all stainless steel models.
This vehicle weight is permissible for the i55, sti55, sti55go, sti55go, i55aqua and sti55 aqua models.

The two models with the lowest tray height of 45 mm - i45aqua and sti45aqua - have a load capacity of 10 tons.
They are always equipped with stainless steel gratings.

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synthetic material, grating, roller cleaning, food safe, antibacterial

Our food safe and lightweight plastic gratings (model k55) can carry a load of 2.5 tons.
They are finely meshed and their absolutely smooth plastic surface enables a low-vibration passage.
Since the plastic is antibacterial, they are even approved for food contact.

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