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Typical configurations for tire cleaning inside


The width of the cleaning field is just depending on the drive-ways. It needs to be assured that all vehicle have to drive over the field and can not bypass it.

The length of the cleaning field is key to remove all dirt from the tires reliably. We recommend that the field is chosen in a length that is on par with 3-4 times the tire circumference.

This is a typical configuration for mid sized vehicle and moderate amounts of dirt.

Segments: 3 x 4 ProfilGate b55
Field size: 2154 x 3920 mm


Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 415 mm


Good cleaning for tire Ø < 542 mm

This configuration is using ProfilGate st55 and it is designed for pedestrians, tugger trains and AGV.

Segments: 3 x 3 ProfilGate st55
Field size: 2154 x 2940 mm


Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 311 mm


Good cleaning for tire Ø < 406 mm