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Typical configurations for tire cleaning outside


In those passages allowing access from outside there is usually a lot of dirt accumulated. Therefore, we recommend to use our 65mm model in these areas as its extra space allows to collect more dirt, extending cleaning intervals and thus helps to save costs.

The length of the cleaning field is key to remove all dirt from the tires reliably. We recommend that the field is chosen in a length that is on par with 3-4 times the tire circumference.

This set up is suitable for entering production areas.

Segments:  4 x 5 ProfilGate b65
Field size: 2872 x 4900 mm


Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 519 mm


Good cleaning for tire Ø < 678 mm

This configuration is suitable for areas with a lot of traffic and vehicles with bigger tires. 

Segments: 5 x 8 ProfilGate b65
Field size: 3590 x 5880 mm 


Very good cleaning for tire Ø < 831 mm


Good cleaning for tire Ø < 1085 mm