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Specialized in the cleaning of AGVs

The name "xs" stands for "extra small" and already refers to the suitability of the model: for cleaning very small and narrow rollers, such as those used primarily in automated guided vehicles (AGVs). 


The grate with brushes, which is matched to the size of the rollers, is particularly finely meshed and forms a smooth surface. This ensures low-noise and low-vibration transfer. The bristles are adapted and distributed for the model in a way that the rollers are cleaned to the maximum. The dirt that the AGV would otherwise always carry away in the same track is removed and collected in the stainless steel tray below the brushes. This protects not only the rollers themselves, but also the flooring as a whole.


The xs model is integrated into existing AGV transport lanes. This means that no detour or additional stop is necessary. Cleaning is purely mechanical without electricity during the crossing and the goods are transported safely and reliably as usual.

Tire / roller cleaning for:
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Dispatch
Kleine und große Rolle von FTS im Vergleich

Ideal for very small rollers

Vier verschiedene ProfilGate im Vergleich

The xs model (top right) in comparison