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Die Technologie hinter den ProfilGate® Sauberlaufzonen


The Difference is in the Details

The patented brush strips are the core of the innovative ProfilGate® system.

Due to ongoing improvements and further development, the sophisticated brushes guarantee highly efficient cleaning of driving and walking zones. A large combination of detailed engineered functionalities assures optimum efficient cleaning results, smooth operation and longevity. The sustainable design requires no electricity.



The specially designed and patented angled position of the nylon bristles enables a maximum cleaning effect of wheels and even shoes. It allows for an active, mechanical cleaning by friction as soon as weight acts. The uneven bristle tips get deeply into the various profiles going over the system.


Roof shape

The slightly angled upper surface of the brush body ensures that dirt particles and fluids end up directly in the tray floor. The narrow brush body allows for dirt particles of up to 8 mm size to easily pass and be collected in the tray below.


Profile shape

The brush body’s tapered design facilitates larger debris to easily pass and fall into the stainless steel tray below. The combination of the pre-stressed strips and the patented brush array automatically leads to an active cleaning while driving or walking.



The brush body is co-extruded from hard and soft PVC. A special mix creates con- stant tension of the strips and makes it suitable for high fluctuating temperatures as for example required in food environ- ments. The covering of the top surface with soft PVC reduces the noise level to a minimum during use.


Brush strip

The pre-stressed tension of the brush strips allows up to 15 mm downwards movement. When used with tires or shoes, the bristles get down and auto- matically create vibrations that transport the brushed-off dirt down into the stain- less steel collection trays. In addition, the retraction protects the bristles from excessive wear as the majority of weight rests on the grate.