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Congratulations Philipp Teichmann!

We congratulate on passing the industrial clerk examination! He reviews the last two and a half years for us and remembers the highlights of his apprenticeship.

  • Published: 23.01.2020
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1. Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship at the company HEUTE?

It was important to me that I could take on responsibility during my training period and be involved in all processes. The chance to do this is greater in somewhat smaller companies than in large corporations, where you are usually entrusted with special "trainee tasks" that do not necessarily always have a connection to real working life.

Mr Philipp Teichmann, HEUTE Maschinenfabrik

2. How was the apprenticeship structured? What processes did you get to know?

I started in the purchasing department. There you are able learn the most about our products and its components. You develop a different relationship towards the product, because you can better assess the work behind it and the subtleties afterwards.

After that I worked in the national sales department, where I spent some time with the field service at customers or prospective customers, had customer contact myself and was able to see how much time passes in some cases between the first contact and receipt of order. The work there showed me how important good communication between buyer and seller is, but also within the departments. After a stay in the sales department for shoe shine machines and sole cleaners at our other location in Solingen, I worked in the export department, where I will continue to work after my apprenticeship. The work there includes looking after our international distributors, sales to foreign customers, supervising the delivery, but also preparing the necessary documents for the export of our products. I also had and have the opportunity to learn a lot about the customs of other cultures. To get an overall impression, I also worked in marketing and financial accounting. There I was able to learn, among other things, how our website is structured and how much work is involved in creating an online presentation.

3. What surprised you most during your apprenticeship? What did you perhaps not expect before?

I didn't expect to be allowed to work very independently at an early stage and to be given the necessary confidence to do so. I also didn't expect that the export of our products would require such a long lead time in order to guarantee that the goods would arrive smoothly at the recipient.

Philipp Teichmann during his apprenticeship.

4. What subjects did you have on your timetable at vocational school?

 At school the subjects business processes, management and control, economic and social processes accompany you throughout your apprenticeship. These deal with accounting and everyday working life and the associated processes and economic events. Even if they are not always very practical, they help you to understand everyday working life better. In addition, there were other subjects such as English, computer science, politics, German, sports and religion, which are not necessarily related to working life.

5. Which was your favourite subject in vocational school and why?

My favourite subject was "Business Processes", because you could learn a lot about the way of working in different companies, especially through the exchange with classmates. This subject is also the one with the greatest practical relevance and it helps to sharpen one's view on one's own work and to understand internal processes better.

6. What successes have you experienced during your apprenticeship

Intensive customer contact makes all communication in everyday life much easier. You also learn to take responsibility. In addition to my apprenticeship, I completed evening studies to become a state-certified business economist and obtained my instructor's certificate.

7. Tell us about an event that has particularly stuck in your memory:

sales meeting, sales partner

The Salesmeeting 2018, where I was able to meet most of our distributors in person and see how different cultures unite behind a product and help to make ProfilGate® internationally known. The organisational effort was enormous, but it paid off in full, as everyone could learn from each other through their different experiences.

8. What happens for you after the apprenticeship?

I will continue to work for HEUTE Maschinenfabrik and support the export department, just as I did during most of my apprenticeship.

9. What are your goals for the future?

Through my role in the export team, I hope to be able to help ProfilGate® to become even better known in the world and to support our partners. I would also like to continue my education in various areas.

10. Can you recommend the apprenticeship at HEUTE Maschinenfabrik?

Absolutely! You get a nice workplace, a great working environment and a lot of support. Everyone who gets the chance to take on responsibility and to take on new challenges should use it.

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