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Making Of for the video "ProfilGate® aqua – Distribution of the medium supply"

As it is well known, pictures say more than 1.000 words - therefore we have created a Making Of to our latest video to illustrate the distribution of the medium supply with ProfilGate® aqua.

  • Published: 27.10.2020
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A look behind the scenes - the construction of the tub and its filling with water, the framework for the camera placement from above is aligned and the exposure is adjusted.


The supply of the medium is started.

ProfilGate Wanne Close Up

The medium is distributed in the tub...

Nahaufnahme Abfluss the drain.

Wasser in Wanne läuft ab

The drain is removed and the water runs off with the medium.

Wasser mit Medium zum Abfluss führen

The medium is led to the drain by means of the water slide.

You are curious about the result? Here you can watch the full video:

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