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Suitabilities and limitations of ProfilGate®

Even the best system has its limitations – and we don´t want to promise anything our system cannot fulfill. Please refer to the following information on the suitabilities and limitations of the ProfilGate® system.

Flurförderzeug mit Rolle an Verpackungsmaterial überfährt ProfilGate® Schmutzmatte

High load capacity

When designing the ProfilGate® models, great importance was attached to high load-bearing capacity in continuous industrial operation. Even the flattest ProfilGate® stainless steel models can be driven over with vehicles of up to 10t total weight. Other models offer the possibility to increase this value up to 40t.

Reifen eines LKWs überfährt ProfilGate® Schmutzmatte

Dust, road dirt and rubber abrasion

The ProfilGate® system reliably removes this dirt. Even the introduction of moisture and humidity is greatly reduced. If in doubt, please contact us to check your individual requirement.

Materialzug überfährt ProfilGate® Schmutzmatte in Industriehalle

Driving direction

In order to achieve optimal cleaning as well as to ensure a long service life of the brushes, we recommend to drive over ProfilGate® exclusively in a straight direction, along the brush strips. Turning as well as jerky braking or acceleration should be avoided in the field in order not to stress the brushes improperly.

Flurförderzeug überfährt ProfilGate® Schmutzmatte in Industriehalle

Maximum speed

The crossing speed of 6 km/h must not be exceeded.


Heat resistance

ProfilGate® is designed for a maximum ambient temperature of 50 °C. On option, a heat-resistant version up to 80 °C is deliverable.

LKW mit sehr schmutzigen Reifen vor großer Pfütze

Mud and coarse dirt

ProfilGate® is not suitable for very coarse soiling caused by mud or other stubborn dirt. Other systems are recommended for this purpose.

Labormitarbeiter betrachtet befüllte Petrischale

Use in clean rooms

ProfilGate® is not suitable for use inside cleanrooms, such as in semiconductor manufacturing. However, ProfilGate® is frequently used in prepress areas, where it makes a significant contribution to thorough pre-cleaning.