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Clean shoe soles without the hassle of wiping them off

Forget standard doormats or dust control mats. With the ProfilGate® go sole cleaning system, you can achieve better results in passing.


Where is an installation particularly worthwhile

How does the system work?

ProfilGate® go is a clean-off zone that actively cleans with its special brushes. When pedestrians walk over the cleaning area, the brush strips automatically start to swing due to their weight. The bristles get deep into the shoe treads and remove dust and other dirt particles. The entire process is purely mechanical and fully automatic. The dirt residues fall past the brush strips, through the gratings into the trays below and are collected there.


These stainless steel trays are installed in the floor so that the entire system is at ground level. Gratings are inserted into these stainless steel trays. The brush strips are in turn clamped into these gratings. The special feature of the patented brush strips is their pre-tensioning combined with angled bristles, which enables active cleaning. The dirt can be removed regularly at intervals of weeks or months and does not have to be removed immediately as the tray acts as a reservoir.

The advantages at a glance

  • The system can be easily integrated into your operating processes, as simply walking over it cleans the soles of shoes - no additional shoe wiping is necessary
  • The dirt does not stick to the brushes, where it reduces the function, but falls into the tray
  • Dirt is not picked up and carried on by pedestrians following behind
  • The system works purely mechanically 
  • No power connection required and low maintenance

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Where installation is particularly worthwhile

A typical area that customers often choose for ProfilGate® go is the staff entrance. Employees enter the workplace from outside and still have dirt on their shoes. However, if they take their first steps in the building on a ProfilGate® go clean-off zone, the dirt is stopped right at the entrance. Many customers combine this sole cleaning with a hygiene sluice in which hand wash basins are also installed.


Sole cleaning at the staff entrance.

Another area of application is the transition from the changing area to production. If you install a cleaning field at this point, you can prevent employees from carrying dirt into your production area and also prevent dirt from being carried out of your production area.


Sole cleaning at the staff entrance.

Perhaps you have a lot of employees who want to get some fresh air during their break or go outside to smoke. Installing a ProfilGate® go cleaning panel at the door to the break area is a proven solution to ensure that this short break does not become an invitation for dirt.


Sole cleaning at the staff entrance

A ProfilGate® go panel is also recommended to protect clean halls. In combination with a cleaning field for tyres, such as a ProfilGate® b or ProfilGate® st, you are ideally equipped to minimise the amount of dirt brought in by people and vehicles.


Sole cleaning at the staff entrance



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