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Innovation for the efficient cleaning of AGVs

Our new xs model cleans narrow AGV castors for smooth-running, low-vibration transport.

Industry  4.0 relies on automation. We are going with it.

The use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) requires safe operation. This is because any malfunctions in the system lead to downtime, which in turn has a negative impact on the entire operating process. The right control system, regular maintenance, but also a clean track area and thus an undamaged warehouse floor ensure the smooth operation of the vehicles. We have made the latter our task.

Our aim was to develop a model that can be 

  • can be integrated into the existing transport routes
  • is suitable for all navigation methods and
  • reliably cleans the rollers.

This resulted in the new xs series - a clean travelling zone specially designed for very narrow AGV rollers. The brush grid is particularly close-meshed so that the surface is as smooth as possible and the AGV castors have maximum contact. This ensures smooth and low-vibration travelling. On the one hand, this is important to protect vibration-sensitive freight such as microchips and, on the other hand, to ensure that the vehicles can orientate themselves without interference. The rollers are cleaned purely mechanically during the journey - no intermediate stop is required!

The model is suitable for vehicles with a maximum weight of 40 tonnes and is available in two versions:

  • Model xs55 with a 10 mm dirt collection reservoir for up to 100 passes per day
  • Model xs65 with a larger dirt collection chamber of 20 mm for more than 100 passes per day

Installing the new ProfilGate® system in the production and storage environment reduces dirt carry-over, minimises roller abrasion and floor wear, while saving on follow-up costs. Further information on this or our other models can be found on the product pages.



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