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Loading without dirt ingress

Install tyre cleaning directly at the entrance to your warehouse or storage facility!

The delivery of goods is always a source of dirt that is carried into the building from the outside area. Lorries arriving at your loading bays also bring dust, splinters or product residues with them. When you drive onto the loading area with a pallet truck, the dirt settles on the wheels of the truck. Depending on how often you drive back and forth, you carry a considerable amount of dirt into your warehouse, which you then have to laboriously remove again.

It is therefore a good idea to prevent the dirt from entering the building in the first place. The loading ramp is the transition area from the dirty lorry to the clean interior. This is therefore the perfect place for a cleaning solution. The ProfilGate® tyre and sole cleaning system can be integrated directly into the loading ramp.

ProfilGate® tyre and sole cleaning system in loading ramp.

You push your pallet truck from inside the building via the clean-running zone into the lorry. As the brush strips in the gratings are pre-tensioned and have angled bristles, the wheels and soles are actively brushed off during this passage. This is done purely mechanically. You therefore do not need to integrate a power supply into your loading ramp. The dirt falls into the trays under the gratings and can be collected and removed there. Even more importantly, this cleaning process naturally also takes place when returning from the loading area to the building. Any dirt that has been picked up is removed immediately and your storage area remains clean.

As scissor lift tables are often used for the delivery and collection of goods in addition to docking stations for lorries with loading bridges, it is also possible to integrate a ProfilGate® cleaning field into a scissor lift table.

The principle is the same here: the cleaning process takes place at the boundary between the outside and inside areas, so that soiling does not enter clean environments. The purely mechanical solution brushes residues off the running surfaces and collects them in trays for later removal. The operating processes remain completely unaffected by this, as cleaning takes place automatically when people enter.

In the following video you can see the cleaning fields in practical use:

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